The 2020 events are here!



To date, this year, we will run the following events at the 2020 NYC Regional Competition:

1. Anatomy & Physiology

2. Boomilever

3. Circuit Lab

4. Crime Busters

5. Density Lab

6. Disease Detectives

7. Dynamic Planet

8. Elastic Launched Glider

9. Experimental Design

10. Food Science

11. Fossils

12. Game On

13. Heredity

14. Simple Machines

15. Meteorology

16. Mission Possible

17. Mousetrap Vehicle

18. Ornithology

19. Ping Pong Parachute

20. Reach for the Stars (R4TS)

21. Road Scholar - Each team will need a copy of the AA maps they will be asking for. You must bring it with you to the competition as we will not have extras.

22. Water Quality

23. Write It, Do It

** Possible "Trial" events - Duct Tape Challenge & Quiz Bowl

Event Rules

The 2020 Rules Manual will be coming out September 3rd and you can download it below. Be sure to check the National website for Clarifications and Rule Changes. 

Are you New to science olympiad?


...then the New School Award is for you!

Starting a Science Olympiad team is exciting for students, coaches and the entire school body. Learning new and wonderful academic events, building structures capable of holding up weight many times their own mass and opening the door to a nationally recognized science competition that will challenge your students more than they ever dreamed possible. But it can be a daunting task for those organizing and coaching the teams. You might wonder...

  • 23 events? How can my students - who are new to SciOly - compete in so many events?
  • Do we have to participate in all 23 events? Or can we compete in less than 23?
  • Is there any way to begin with a smaller team? Less than 15 students?

To make the “leap” into Science Olympiad a little easier, schools that are new to SciOly, or those who have not competed in the past 5 years, will be considered “new schools.” Sometimes new schools may even decide to begin their first year in SciOly with less than 15 students - some signing up as few as 5 kids for their first year! And yes, while "new" schools/teams compete against all other schools, one of these new teams will also be eligible to win the New School Award, which is an award earned by the new school whose team does the best in a combination of the following ten events:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Density Lab
  • Dynamic Planet
  • Experimental Design
  • Heredity
  • Ornithology
  • Food Science
  • Road Scholar
  • Mission Possible
  • Write It, Do It

So if this is your first year, don’t sweat it! Compete in all the events, or just focus on these ten events, and have fun!

Schedule for 2019 (2020 coming soon!)


We will follow this schedule for the NYC Regional Competition.  I reserve the right to alter it slightly until early December - it depends on the number of teams that are registered.  Rooms will be added at a later time.

Note the designations odd and even. Check your team number. All odd numbered teams must compete in the odd time slots; even in the even slots.  Note that all teams from one school are scheduled at the same time slot.

You can download a copy of the schedule in the Download section below. 

Downloads ()

The 2020 Rule Book will be available on September 3th 9am CST!

 Rules for Trial Events can be downloaded below (These are last year's trial events. I will update them if/when the rules are modified).

**  New York State Science Olympiad (NYSSO) specific forms (such as those required for Registration), FAQ's or Rule Clarifications will all be posted on the NYSSO site so that you will receive the most current information.