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Register SOON for the March 7, 2020 Science Olympiad!

When registration opens on the NY State site, you will sign up, receive an acknowledgement email, print it out and mail it in with fee to:

New York State Science Olympiad, Inc.

4649 Whetstone Road, Manlius, New York 13104-2516.

** Note - your school will not be officially registered until the fee is received at the SciOly office.

  • A school may register up to 3 teams.
  • A separate fee is paid for each team ($225 per team).
  • Use the name of the school - not the number.
  • Use designations A, B and C after each team.
  • For example, your registered name might be Washington Team A, and not M.S. 47.

A team may have up to 15 students - but with as few as 5 - and of those 15, you may have a maximum of five (5) 9th graders on the team. You may also register 2 "team specific alternates" for each team. In other words, if Mary Frank is a B team alternate, she may not participate with Team A. (Alternates may compete only in Trial events. More on that under Events.)

Timely registration is absolutely essential! The number of medals we can award for each event depends on the number of teams registered by late November. The more teams register, the more medals we can award!

Questions? Contact me at

Registered Teams

Please note your team number!

Teams often begin the registration process early, but remember, your team is not considered "registered" until the fee has been paid, and I have been notified of receipt by the State SciOly Office.  As soon as teams are registered, they will be listed here. 

If you are thinking of registering and want more information (and know someone from one of these teams) feel free to speak with them, or just call me at 631-664-7885 or e-mail

2020's Registered Teams (** Check Received) as of 10/20/19. Team #s will be assigned after registration is complete.


American Dream - 1 team **

Brooklyn Amity - 1 team **

The Buckley School - 3 teams **

Collegiate School - 1 team

Cunningham - 1 team **

Friends Seminary - 1 team **

Genesis-Xaverian - 2 teams

Horace Mann - 2 teams **

Hunter College HS - 1 team

Jonas Bronck Academy - 2 teams **

Nathaniel Hawthorne - 2 teams **

Our Lady of Hope - 2 teams **

Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy - 1 team

St. Ignatius Loyola - 1 team **

Sunset Park Prep - 2 teams **

The Bay Academy - 2 teams

The Calhoun School - 1 team **

The Salk School of Science - 3 teams **

Don't forget, the new address to send your checks to is:

 New York State Science Olympiad, Inc.

4649 Whetstone Road

Manlius, NY  13104.


Required Forms

Additional Information

Forms needed for the competition can be found on the State website. They have been updated, so please use the new forms. They include:

  • Final Student Registration form
  • Medical form
  • Publicity form
  • Code of Conduct form
  • Vandalism form
  • Alternate Student Registration form

You must have all forms completed and submitted to compete!  Thank you!    


Coach's Meeting

Additional Information

Two identical coaches meetings will be held early in January.  Please make sure you attend one of the meetings:

Wednesday, January 8 - 3:30 pm - about 5:00 pm (CONFIRMED)

* Hawthorne MS 74, 61-15 Oceania St (south of the intersection of the LIE)

Thursday, January 9 - 3:45 pm - about 5:00 pm (CONFIRMED)

* The Buckley School  - 112 E. 73 St  2nd floor.  Note that there is no signage on the building.

If at least one of the coaches cannot attend (feel free to send more than one) you must send an administrator, another coach, a parent or a friend. Penalty points will be deducted from teams that do not send representatives at one of the meetings (25 points and that can make a big difference!)


Event Sign-Ups

About one month before Regionals ...

... you will be notified of "Events Sign-Ups". Here is how this works: At Regionals, all teams will be competing in all academic events at assigned times based on the number assigned to them. These events are in "blocks" that prevent any schedule conflict. But for builds and hybrid events (having both an academic and a building component, such as Thermodynamics or Machines), it is slightly different. For these events, teams must sign up for times they choose on their own. The reason for this is because it allows teams to schedule students where needed. This year's sign-up events will be: Boomilever, Elastic Launched Glider, Mission Possible, Mousetrap Vehicle, Ping Pong Parachutes and Simple Machines. You will be sent an e-mail sometime around the first week of February 2020 with the sign up link and letting you know the exact date & time the sign ups will open. When you get the e-mail, don't dilly-dally, spots fill up quickly!


Important links!

2020 Rules Manual


Here is the National SciOly link for downloading the Rules Manual! 

Click Here

Necessary Forms


Here is the NY State link for all necessary registration forms!

Click Here


One of your best resources (and a great place to find past event tests). Everyone should register today!!

Click Here

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